Top Reasons Why Food Supplements are Important

Even the healthiest-looking individuals are advised to take food and dietary supplements for many reasons. Below are some of the reasons why we should not depend entirely on the food we eat and, therefore, take food supplements in achieving optimal health.

The use of modern fertilizers does not provide enough trace elements. Trace elements, also known as micronutrients, form part of a person’s daily diet, and play a vital role in maintaining his health, vitality, and well-being.

The use of chemical pesticides and herbicides increase toxicity level in food. Many pesticides being used in farming and harvesting are deadly chemicals that severely destroy the human system. Some even contain lead, arsenic, and other toxic metals that slowly accumulate in the body.

The transportation of food reduces nutritional content. The levels of specific nutrients in food slowly diminish as soon as it is harvested. Nowadays, many foods are grown and harvested thousands of miles from actual designated markets and population centers. Some of the foods we buy from the market or grocery store actually spent days or weeks on a truck or train.

Poor eating habits weaken the absorption of nutrients. Skipping meals, bingeing, and high level of alcohol consumption are just some of the negative eating habits that most people today are doing. Due to bad habits and poor quality of food, most people are not able to absorb nutrients properly at all. This weakens nutrient levels, as well as increases nutritional needs of the body.

Stressful lifestyle impairs digestion. When the body is stressed, exhausted, and always in a hurry, certain nutrients are being used up more, including calcium, zinc, chromium, magnesium, manganese and many others, and this gets taken out of the body. Stress also adds the other causes of reduced nutrition and becomes a source of unnecessary sympathetic activities of the nervous system. This caused failure of nutrient absorption and utilization.

Some life situations and conditions require extra nutrition including the following:

  1. All babies, toddlers, and children
  2. Elderly
  3. Athletes and active body builders
  4. Pregnant and lactating women
  5. Vegetarians and people following restricted diets
  6. Children born with a birth defect
  7. A person who is ill and suffers from chronic illness
  8. A person who consumes too much refined sugar, alcohol or recreational drugs
  9. A person who is under excessive stress

Food supplements will, therefore, restore or bring back the nutrients that have been reduced, removed, and totally eliminated from the conditions identified above. It is then important to identify what nutrients your body needs to attain optimal health. While everyone needs food supplements, not all food supplements should be taken in.